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You can now add frames using the custom section to frame those special pics to share with a loved one. Add your own event notification, just select the time and date when you would like to be notified. Perhaps the only comfort, besides the knowledge that you'll see that special someone again, is that you can share moments of connection with them even if you're far away.

I miss u ecards

Let them know they're in your thoughts even if they're not in your presence. Personalise a greeting by adding your own message on each ecard. You can now add frames using the custom section to frame those special pics to share with a loved one.

I miss u ecards

I miss u ecards

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  1. Enter an occasion in the search bar to preview and select a free greeting ecard.

  2. They're the same wherever you are the world. Simply search from over 10, ecards available rite at your fingertips.

  3. Your thoughts are filled with them and the next time you get to see them. Available for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini.

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