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Many with Down syndrome work in their communities, while others need more sheltering. The ethical dilemmas that arise and will be discussed include what the perceived and actual importance of compliance is, whether compliance is being used as a scapegoat for value of life judgments, and how to balance quality of life versus quality of health. To judge if those with Down syndrome are being excluded justly from placement on the organ waiting list, compliance must be dissected.

Ibocjoy org

However, a recent study in Japan of 25 patients with Mental Retardation who received a transplant reported being satisfied with the transplant and believing their quality of life was improved. When someone with Down syndrome is denied the opportunity for a life-saving organ they will most likely die, decreasing the amount of people with Down syndrome in the world, therefore decreasing diversity.

Ibocjoy org

Ibocjoy org

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  1. However, not only will those with Down syndrome who are trying to receive an organ be directly effected as they perish as a result from not receiving a life-saving organ, but the Down syndrome population as a whole will be effected, therefore effecting all of the MR community and society as a whole. This is a problem since gaps like these have been exploited in the past and will continue to be exploited in the future, as organs are a scare resource.

  2. Sandra was referred by her physician for a heart and lung transplant and approved by her insurer the California State Medicaid system , but denied by transplant centers.

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