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By far, the majority of mottoes is a summary of the qualities and service recognized by the order, such as, "Valor, Loyalty, and Merit. According to Constantine's own doubtful account, he prayed to the "Supreme God" for help in defeating Maxentius who allegedly was a master of the magical arts.


I think I learned it, in non-initial form, in Latin class, but maybe not. I've actually never seen the second one in initial form, maybe, now that I think about it.



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  1. My point is not that hominum is the correct spelling I don't know but that the number of hits included both spellings, at least in the case of hominem. There were problems doing this before, of course, but now they seem overwhelming.

  2. Is there something I've left out? There were problems doing this before, of course, but now they seem overwhelming.

  3. IHSV "in hoc signo vinces" "by this sign you will conquer" can be found on heraldic emblems and has nothing at all to do with IHS.

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