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They lived on a small farmstead. This was also the start of a freindship that would last.



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  1. While generally recommended filtering and trimming parameters serve as a starting point, no two datasets are identical and therefore it is always worth inspecting the quality of the data before proceeding.

  2. This gene presents several variable regions which can be used to identify the different taxa. She was disabled from osteomyelitis of the hip that she suffered from as a child following septicaemia.

  3. She was the daughter of Rowland Hunt and his wife, Florence Marianne. They lived on a small farmstead.

  4. These fecal samples were collected from 12 mice longitudinally over the first year of life, to investigate the development and stabilization of the murine microbiome 7. They lived on a small farmstead.

  5. Many tools exist to quantify and compare abundance levels or OTU composition of communities in different conditions.

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