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Trans patrons can now call ahead, or simply tell door staff their identity. But am I a girl? Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York have all witnessed the decline of the lesbian bar, as former customers forge new identities—and new connections via the internet.

Indiana summer lesbian

Using the labrys—a double-sided ax often associated with Greek goddesses and a symbol of female strength—as the group's icon. That means I'm a girl who likes girls. Emily Stutzman, 31, tried to create a regular get-together in Portland for lesbians.

Indiana summer lesbian

Indiana summer lesbian

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This past summer, semi-regular benefits for women, like Lesbian Night at Old Service's CC Slaughters, changed your obituaries and focus to disburse controversy and be more general. How others complained when she obituary checking IDs.

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  1. Why in Portland—one of the most LGBTQ-friendly cities in America, and home to the nation's first bisexual governor and its first lesbian House speaker—is there no lesbian nightlife?

  2. Christine Dong But that change was controversial.

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