Indians living in sweden


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Spending quality time is more important than just being with random people whom you can't connect with. This is probably my most favourite part of living in Sweden! It is true that there are not many choices, but most restaurants have at least one or two vegetarian dishes!

Indians living in sweden

InterNations helps you connect and meet up with other Indians in Sweden, residing in Stockholm, Goteborg, Uppsala and many other places throughout the country. While many employers pay for Swedish classes for their foreign employees, there are also state-subsidised courses that can be taken for free or at minimal costs usually for teaching materials. Finding work for herself was another challenge that the year-old tackled, eventually landing a job in business management with Volvo Cars.

Indians living in sweden

Indians living in sweden

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  1. You definitely can't make out a person's age as they exercise regularly mostly by cycling or walking.

  2. The shopkeeper doesn't count the change when you return the money back, the salesman advises you not to buy certain things even though he stands the danger of being in a loss, employers don't 'check' your offer letter when you join a new job and so on. It is vital to spread the gems wherever we go so that we in our turn make the world gleaming and worth living:

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