Infatuation psychology


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These types of bonded couples tend to emphasize compatibility of interests, mutual preferences in leisure activities, ability to work together, and in some cases a degree of relative contentment. If you can relate to the above, you will find this tip unbelievably useful: So how do you know?

Infatuation psychology

Awkwardness , stuttering , shyness , and confusion predominate at the behavioral level. Some people don't look for infatuation and fall into relationships with people who simply make them feel comfortable. Often the limerent object is currently involved with another or is in some other way unavailable.

Infatuation psychology

Infatuation psychology

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  1. Due to the brain chemicals implicated in attraction namely dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin , the experience of infatuation is very illusory and unstable.

  2. An infatuation that felt like love at the time. Perhaps they have felt limerance before and now know it never lasts, or perhaps they have never fallen passionately in love with someone before so couldn't even comprehend how you feel.

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