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The most widely know references are from the movie The Matrix and from the book, Snow Crash. This type of interverse does not contrast markedly with the rest of the song.


Defining these terms precisely and consistently necessitates in-depth examination of formal relationships within rock songs. Introduction i —the opening section of a song. Example 4 is a reduction of this interverse and the surrounding transition and chorus sections.



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  1. The concept of the interverse has been around for quite a while and has been referenced in many ways.

  2. Refrain R —a line or pair of lines that recur throughout the song. Citizen is based on Crystal Space, an open source 3d engine, and has a plug-in architecture to allow just about any applet to be added to the heads up display HUD.

  3. In an online universe, identity and security become a big concern. Identifying the specific function of a song section can clarify its relationship to the other passages, in turn affecting the meaning and interpretation of the song as a whole.

  4. Software Developers can help out with the first open source client to the interverse, citizen. Is there a feature that you would really like to see available for the HUD?

  5. It is distinct from the verse and transition in that the chorus returns several times throughout the song, usually with the same lyrics.

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