Is an aquarius compatible with a taurus


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It absorbs emotions, and waits till it can overflow -- as if ready for spring. For Aquarius and Taurus, compatibility is possible where both partners genuinely want it, but it will never be quite as comfy as other zodiac sign matches. Taurus often fears the emotional and will put walls to prevent being around emotions.

Is an aquarius compatible with a taurus

Why does the Taurus have this potential? This steadfastness extends to their personal life:

Is an aquarius compatible with a taurus

Is an aquarius compatible with a taurus

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  1. Trust will be relatively easier to build when the Taurean retains honesty in its speech as well as behavior while the Aquarian resists its urge to keep everything a secret and tries to open up more.

  2. Spring is a symbol of the physical manifestations the world can offer and provide for the species living here.

  3. Just offering physical support isn't enough for the Aquarius. Aquarius can pull a Taurus out of their shell, they can get them to be more spontaneous, to see the world in a whole new way.

  4. However, they could really help each other blossom if they opened up for the possibility of unusual sexual encounters.

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