Is cupid com legit


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What do you think? If they do happen to have a picture in their profile, you can right click it and search for the image on Google.

Is cupid com legit

This almost always results in being some super model's images, and not the person in the profile. I get auto responses but no help AND I started getting emails from men who said they had met and seen me on dating sites. COM is dedicated to help you have more online dating luck, by providing a guide for online dating and reviews of the the most successful dating sites.

Is cupid com legit

Is cupid com legit

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  1. Aside from divulging personal information about yourself, you are also asked about your preferences. That being said, there is no real harm in signing up because it is super fast and you can even do it with your Facebook profile.

  2. That makes the fact that you pay to access the full site seem kind of pathetic. Press the heart if you want to like them, the smiley to send them a wink, and the chat bubble to message them.

  3. This did not unlock the account so I could explore the website.

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