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He thought she was a demon and had evil forces around her. She said the Sunday before the Monday shooting was the first time the grandmother was bedridden and not able to cook the family dinner as was the custom. She said another was the fact that his grandmother's cancer had reoccurred.

Issac jones

Pamela Auble of Nashville said at the time "he did not understand that his behavior was wrong. She said it seemed "he had gone from a terrible life to a wonderful life.

Issac jones

Issac jones

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  1. Carter said later that morning she got a call from a relative, Belinda Smith, at Chattanooga State, saying Jones was "in crisis" and was being taken to a hospital.

  2. She said it seemed "he had gone from a terrible life to a wonderful life. Wood is a young prospect though and he's better now than he was in those fights, especially the Philpott fight.

  3. He said the shots seemed close, and he jumped behind his car. She said he was very hyperactive and was pacing back and forth.

  4. The state is seeking the death penalty against Jones.

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