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The couple was vacating in Spain, and Dar assumed they headed for Italy. Cesar met Jahira in August , about two months after his wife filed for divorce.

Jahira cesar

Cesar purposed his lady love on 24th March in the beautiful setting of Greece. Dar has also worked as a wardrobe consultant. They might be planning a grand wedding ceremony or a quiet one among their close friends and family.

Jahira cesar

Jahira cesar

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  1. Cesar took to his Instagram page in April to reveal his engagement to Jahira Dar. He seemed to have lost it all.

  2. Millan made a guest appearance as a judge on Episode 3 of the 10th season of American The Apprentice , presented clues in a category on the April 27, episode of Jeopardy! His started his career from a dog grooming store.

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