Jeep yj v8 conversion


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The mounting flange interferes with the headlight buckets and holes need to be drilled for mounting. This engine is going in our YJ on 40s, and this story is the first of a mutli-part series where we will take the Jeep home and be building a monster Jeep in a tiny garage.

Jeep yj v8 conversion

The transmission slipped, but we were still able to peel out at will, the engine had good oil pressure, no knocking or other horrible sounds, and no smoke out of the tailpipe. This way we had all the gaskets on hand we were likely to need, and we were able to re-seal the engine while it was hanging from the cherry picker, rather than wrestle with it once it was in the Jeep.

Jeep yj v8 conversion

Jeep yj v8 conversion

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  1. We hit a few snags on the way, most of them related to specifics concerning bigger axles with our no lift Jeep and an engine that has less aftermarket support than the more popular LS-series that came later.

  2. For whatever reason, we thought that the radiator would be a direct bolt-in for our application. Since this is part of a series, you'll notice that the engine isn't running, and all the "T"s aren't crossed.

  3. We knew we needed an oil pan gasket, valve cover gaskets, timing cover gasket, some gaskets in the water pump, and something having to do with the distributor. But the engine is in the Jeep and the major issues with a fuel injected swap are addressed.

  4. Thanks to aftermarket support for Jeep vehicles fabricating motor mounts and scrounging junkyards for the radiator with correct outlets and enough capacity to cool the new engine that still fits your Jeep is a thing of the past.

  5. After cutting off the existing engine mounts with our trusty cordless reciprocating saw and cordless grinder, we bolted it up. Even though the Chevy computer is waterproof and was originally mounted in the engine compartment, the Painless kit includes a grommet to pass the wires through the firewall and the computer plugs are on the interior section of wiring harness.

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