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Kinda sounds like very lukewarm affirmation, but, it is your opinion and it probably hurt to type it. I feel sorry for all the disgruntled folks who came up around the Soards Drilling creates a good foundation on which the student can build other skills.

Jeet kune do lexington ky

Does all your personal experiences stem from training under the CSC. As I stated earlier

Jeet kune do lexington ky

Jeet kune do lexington ky

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  1. Does that mean your conclusions that it's all hogwash are valid? Please refer to first paragraph.

  2. He didn't invent front kicks, side kicks, block ups, etc. Have you strongly insinuated that the training is hogwash?

  3. That is too strong of a word. The point being, GM Sin has an incredible memory and capacity for learning.

  4. They taught me much more than self defense and how to fight; they taught me the finer p JKD was created and developed by Bruce Lee and is ideal for defending yourself against single as well as multiple opponents.

  5. No harm in that by itself, but it casts all of his Ie, stories in doubt, including his claim of ANY connection to the Shaolin Temple. Then he admitted that his brother was telling his own students that their teacher was not the grandmaster Ie, but his grandfather.

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