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Elsewhere in Europe, Descartes was known much earlier, and several translations had been published in French, Dutch, English and other languages. The last conviction of a suicide without a criminal past in Amsterdam took place in In poems the dying individual is compared to a lark or a butterfly.


Suicide and the Dutch Protestant church If suicide was a topic in eighteenth-century church practice, it hardly left any traces. By the end of the eighteenth century death is given a place of its own in philosophy and theology, and becomes a loved fiend rather than the fearful, almost devilish figure of the earlier christian tradition. By gathering seemingly disconnected details regarding suicide from research on other topics we may obtain the beginnings of further investigations.



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  1. Increasingly, during the eighteenth century, authors began to look upon suicides committed by others than indicted criminals as the consequences of mental illness, rather than those of accumulated sin or a lack of religious determination.

  2. Roman catholic ethics have a similar moral:

  3. By gathering seemingly disconnected details regarding suicide from research on other topics we may obtain the beginnings of further investigations. Of the various ways of staging a suicide Bact and death on stage; act and death off stage; act on stage, death off stage; or act off stage, death on stage B the first was rare, the second frequent, the third fairly frequent.

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