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In this community we have many professionals—professors, medical doctors—and now we have Ilhan Omar, the first Somali-American state assemblywoman in Minnesota! It was writers—a lot of writers—but also high school students and university students.


One time I actually spoke to Ngugi about this—the difference between being able to read a written language and to understand a difficult book. He came running and found Jimale badly wounded on the floor.



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  1. But, for me, writing and life intersect. My argument was basically:

  2. Politics, after all, is gathering votes and basically telling people what they want to hear most of the time. Do you have a sense of how the Somali community in the U.

  3. Jessica FitzPatrick works at the intersection of world literature, spatial studies, and popular culture.

  4. I went back to Somalia to do research for 9 months and then I came back.

  5. The first installment in the series is the following interview with Dr.

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