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Make something and sell it. We probably made more mistakes than most entrepreneurs, especially in the beginning of the business. The Ts are soft, and we work really hard to make sure they are.

John and bert jacobs

The first day we put the Life is good shirt featuring Jake on a table for sale, we sold 48 shirts in 45 minutes. We are regular people running an organization, and that resonates with people. We call that fuel.

John and bert jacobs

John and bert jacobs

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  1. I do a lot of public speaking to raise money for our Life is Good Kids Foundation, and percent of the fee goes to raise money for children facing life-threatening situations—such as poverty, disease, and a lack of positive influences.

  2. A lot of our strategies for future growth are community-based.

  3. The reality is that when Boston was founded in the s, the average lifespan of a Boston resident was 29 years.

  4. And maintaining control of our mission was important to us. I see so many people try to hold onto things so tightly that they white-knuckle it a bit.

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