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Bruno, who was killed in , was a salesman for John's Vending, a cigarette-vending machine company run by Martorano and his brother. He'd been inducted into the Mafia in the early s by then-mob boss John Stanfa.

Johnny gongs casasanto

In this article we take a look at the three hits that law enforcement would love to pin on Uncle Joe, one of the more successful modern bosses. It was later learned he was working as an informant Fritchey urged the judge to send a message to other mobsters, due to be released in the next five years, that they cannot associate with each other or they will be sent back to jail.

Johnny gongs casasanto

Johnny gongs casasanto

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  1. Alite said Gotti sent messages from prison through Casasanto's brother, Steven, who would visit Gotti and Casasanto there.

  2. McMahon and Fritchey concurred that the mob contacts were not criminal, but violations of his probation. Angelina ran into Steven Frangipani, 44, a reputed mob associate convicted with him and mob boss Joseph "Skinny Joey" Merlino in a racketeering trial.

  3. Defense attorney Jack McMahon called the judge's decision "fair. McMahon and Fritchey concurred that the mob contacts were not criminal, but violations of his probation.

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