Jorah mormont costume


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Start with a flesh tone slightly darker than your skin, then go over it unevenly with gray. It's a weird compound curve shape. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you decide to go full-on Stone Man or Woman , or if anyone at the party actually gets concerned for your health!

Jorah mormont costume

WarriorTeddy posted on 11 May, - The arm guards have a Kydex base and the "brass" details on the armor are also Kydex, though the sigil is craft foam. I haven't found a good option that will adhere to the black vinyl which is real slippery.

Jorah mormont costume

Jorah mormont costume

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  1. The pommel is sculpy and the hilt is a PVC pipe I heated and flattened out a bit then wrapped in leather vinyl and finally covered with the fabric wrap. And all put together.

  2. The more alcohol you use, the lighter the paint will be. Shape Greyscale Smear the silicone fairly thickly over the area you want to greyscale, then use your chisel to shape irregular scales all over the area.

  3. XD Cant wait to see this finished, Jorah is awesome!

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