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But actually…it is kind of genius, and so weird and out there that I have to give them points for it. They have rightfully earned their place in the movie candy hall of fame.


Those unfortunate enough to pop a filling out with their favorite treat found it less amusing. Sadly, mint would only make it to the doorstep of , when the flavor was discontinued and replaced with always-popular lime.



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  1. Everyone take a moment to mull over that one.

  2. However, they bring back fond memories for me, which is kind of what candy is all about. Those unfortunate enough to pop a filling out with their favorite treat found it less amusing.

  3. As odd as many of the shapes are, the flavors prove just as surprising. Speaking of which, the original Jujubes flavors, as strange as they may sound today, included lilac, rose, violet and mint.

  4. Hopefully, once the jaw is released, a sip of soda will proceed to loosen the epoxy-like grip.

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