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To Judas' horror and as the priests watch in the background, a furious Jesus destroys the stalls and forces them to leave. That night at the Temple, Caiaphas is worried that the people will crown Jesus as king, which the Romans will take for an uprising. Although he thinks Jesus is deluded, Pilate realizes that he has committed no actual crime and has Jesus scourged; Herod is gleeful at first but eventually terrified.

Juses crust

Jesus appreciates this, but becomes worried when Simon suggests directing the crowd towards an uprising against their Roman occupiers. He ultimately wants to know if Jesus thinks he is who they say he is " Superstar ". A shepherd and his flock cross the hillside beneath the empty cross "John Nineteen Forty-One".

Juses crust

Juses crust

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  1. One of the group is surrounded by the others, puts on a white robe and emerges as Jesus "Overture". Peter, meanwhile, fearfully denies Jesus three times after being accused of being one of Jesus' followers "Peter's Denial".

  2. The disciples offer to fight the guards, but Jesus will not allow it.

  3. He ultimately wants to know if Jesus thinks he is who they say he is " Superstar ".

  4. Judas goes to the priests and expresses his concerns, but he is worried about the consequences of betraying Jesus "Damned for All Time". The other disciples badger Jesus for information about his plans for the future, but Jesus will not give them any "What's the Buzz?

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