Kaiserslautern postal code


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From until Napoleon 's defeat at Waterloo in , the area was under French administration. He became a Protestant , and in Nanstein was a stronghold for local nobles favouring the Reformation. Little reconstruction took place until the currency reform of

Kaiserslautern postal code

Ruins of Frederick's original castle, built —, can still be seen in front of the Rathaus city hall. Spanish occupation in — ended when Protestant Swedish armies liberated the area.

Kaiserslautern postal code

Kaiserslautern postal code

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  1. Conflict did not end with the Peace of Westphalia in

  2. Medieval period[ edit ] Kaiserslautern received its name from the favorite hunting retreat of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa who ruled the Holy Roman Empire from until

  3. Conflict did not end with the Peace of Westphalia in

  4. Bavarian province[ edit ] As French power declined after , Kaiserslautern and the Palatinate became a Bavarian province and remained so until Sickingen died after the castle surrendered, and the Protestant nobility of the Electoral Palatinate were subdued by the Catholic princes.

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