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When Nanaue saw what was before him, he called on the shark god, his father, to help him; then, seeming to be endowed with superhuman strength in answer to his prayer, he burst the ropes with which he had been bound in preparation for the burning, and breaking through the throng of Umi's warriors, who attempted to detain him, he ran, followed by the whole multitude, toward the pool that emptied into the sea. If they answered, "To bathe in the sea," or, "Fishing," he would answer, "Take care, or you may disappear head and tail.


She generally went in the company of other women, but if the sea was a little rough, and her usual companion was afraid to venture out on the wild and dangerous beach, she very often went alone rather than go without her favorite sea-shells. The god Mohoalii another form of the name of the god Kamohoalii , father of Unauna, was so angered by the desecration of the grove, or more likely on account of the use to which it was put, that he took away all the edge and sharpness from the p.



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  1. But the kahuna had to be careful as to which shark he gave the potion to…Sometimes, a shark is just a shark, and can be very dangerous. Umi could not help admiring the bold, free bearing of the handsome man, and noting his splendid physique, thought he would make a good warrior, greatly wanted in those ages, and more especially in the reign of Umi, and simply ordered him to go to work.

  2. People going to the sea beach would have to pass these potato or taro patches, and it was Nanaue's habit to accost them with the query of where they were going. There are several of these at the bottom of the palisades, extending from Waipio toward Kohala, on the island of Hawaii.

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