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When cooked this is the dark meat that has a very strong flavour, and the reason some people don't enjoy the taste of kahawai. Clean the whole cavity out.


Salt ice is the only way to go as fresh ice will ruin your fish. Just tastes better What we'll go through here simple steps to iki a kahawai, then bleed it stop blood from getting into the flesh and finally a great way to store it on ice to ensure it tastes delicious later. You want it to taste great too!



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  1. Give it a rinse Rinse the fish inside and out in salt water to get rid of the excess blood and insides. Rinse the kahawai in sea water Step 4:

  2. Believe it or not the method you use to store your fish after you catch it can make a really big difference. Remove the guts of the fish and pull of the gills Step 3:

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