Kissing random girls


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If you dreamed that you kissed someone on the cheek, or that they kissed you there, this means that you admire them or they you. It seems in the bid to rake of controversy and garner more likes for his YouTube Channel, Sumit crossed the fine line between prank and molestation and fun and depravity. The prank came to haunt both Sumit Verma and his partner Satyajeet who have been taken into custody by Delhi police.

Kissing random girls

The type of kiss. This kiss represents friendship, loyalty, respect, courtesy, and reverence. They can be thought of as a way of securing an agreement.

Kissing random girls

Kissing random girls

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  1. This may mean that someone is trying to get you to do something you don't want to do.

  2. Consider your current relationships, either with the person you kissed or with others, and whether you are entering a new phase in any of them.

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