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He developed a theoretical model for relational enhancement which routes the interpersonal development between two people. One person might walk the dogs while the other might spend alone time in the office.

Knapps model

Triangle tests, in which one partner sees if they can elicit jealousy from the other partner when another person expresses interest in the person concocting the test. References "Knapp's Relationship Model". Notice these stages in the development and dissolution of your relationships.

Knapps model

Knapps model

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  1. In business relationships, there will also be investigation into what each person brings to the table that will add value to the business of the other person.

  2. Five of these steps refer to the creation of relationships and five refer to its ending.

  3. Even when in the same room, they will try not to look at one another. This stage is marked by less total communication in terms of number of interactions, depth and breadth of topics discussed, and communication occurs in shorter durations.

  4. While all five of these methods are common methods of testing intensification efforts, it's important to note that endurance, separation, and triangle tests are generally the least constructive, and can even be destructive when it comes to building the relationship.

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