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Its host Kim In-young launched it in , partially in homage to Time to Read a Book, beginning with back-to-back episodes showcasing stories by Kim Young-ha. Projects like these hybridize the podcast with another highly road trip-compatible form of modern listening: Coetzee, Raymond Carver, F.

Korean podcast

Podcasting has had something of a slow burn in America, taking at least a decade to make an impact on common listening habits, but in Korea it has blown up. Historically, this has meant which radio stations you tune into as you go from one broadcast territory to another; more recently it has meant which cassettes, then CDs, and then MP3s you stack up into a personalized playlist.

Korean podcast

Korean podcast

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  1. Not only did we listen to only Korean podcasts, we listened to only one kind of Korean podcasts: The English-language podcasting world also has shows whose authors read fiction aloud, though usually with a focus on original material or on one particular genre.

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