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I find that far more Americans than Canadians or other westerners believe that. And doesnt help American workers.

Kristins archieves

Zulkiran 1 month ago "science busts the myths " A juvenile statement from beginning to the end. My best suggestion is to admit you need help and delegate as much as you can.

Kristins archieves

Kristins archieves

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  1. Voodookazahn 2 months ago Thanks.

  2. Send Faekasa 4 months ago I'm not lying. But again, tell that to all of us who have been raped by Roman Catholic priests.

  3. You will be calling me and others who were raped by those disgusting priests: I find that far more Americans than Canadians or other westerners believe that.

  4. I really do understand that. No one else had thought to sing yet because we were all just panicked that the new baby was crying.

  5. If nothing else, it made us laugh. Mezigor 1 month ago Silly Arrogant Pseudo-Christian

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