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In the article, I didn't touch the already existing 'against' part The later dominance of Sanskrit was offered as another explanation for the deliberate destruction of ancient Tamil works.

Kumari kandam wiki

He wrote about the theory of a lost continent in the Indian Ocean i. According to the most versions, the original culture of Kumari Kandam survived in Tamil Nadu.

Kumari kandam wiki

Kumari kandam wiki

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  1. Nedunceliyan, who later became Tamil Nadu's education minister, published a pamphlet called Marainta Tiravitam "Lost Dravidian land".

  2. Thus, according to them, Lemuria could not have hosted an ancient civilization. I revisited the references once again and I found only the below two references needs to be changed.

  3. And please don't delete your signatures, that's also not nice. Tamil sangam literature had continuously portrayed a submerged land mass as early as 1st century BC.

  4. For that we have so many similarities in all the old civilizations that were build to copy the Highest Civilization of the Golden Age which was in Atlantis. All languages on earth were merely corrupted Tamil dialects?

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