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Shopping[ edit ] Kuwait is a tax-free country. An old servant woman, Nanektua, teaches him to see the world not only from his own perspective, but also to except the views of different cultures and religions.


There are still some restaurants that serve traditional Kuwaiti food. Chalets and studio flats, a yacht club and a berth fully serviced marina, swimming pools, playgrounds, sports and health facilities, shops, a supermarket and coffee shops.



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  1. Do not take pictures of governmental buildings or areas near the border fence.

  2. It tells the story of Kees, a five-year old boys journey through the brutal world of Japanese operated prisons and his final escape into a new and civilized world.

  3. A better option is the quaint Shati Alwatia restaurant at the Behbehani Villa compound in the Qibla area of Kuwait City behind the Mosques and another Kuwaiti restaurant is Ferij Suwailih in salmiya area. Also, during Ramadan working hours may be shorter and restaurants will be closed during the day, even at the international airport.

  4. In the Persian Gulf War , American soldiers were killed and wounded. It is customary to tip them about KD 0.

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