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As always when raising the issue of potentially toxic effects, there will be someone who argues that very large doses of these chemicals need to be ingested or absorbed before they cause harm; but what are the effects low but chronic, exposure over time? Because of their viscosity, personal lubricants can prevent sperm from reaching the cervical mucus quickly. Most of the data on skin absorption of these chemicals is based on skin outside the body or on oral ingestion.

Ky warming liquid ingredients

Those thorny questions aside, there are genuine reasons to rethink the use of personal lubricants. This is important information for couples who are trying to conceive; around 75 per cent of these couples report an increased incidence of vaginal dryness due to stress and fertility medications. Sex should be a healthy act, but lubricants can contain a range of unhealthy ingredients.

Ky warming liquid ingredients

Ky warming liquid ingredients

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  2. Chlorhexidine digluconate Antiseptic Often found as the active ingredient in mouthwashes designed to kill dental plaque.

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