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The Milwaukee County Parks System offers nine disc golf courses free for individual play—just bring your discs. For anyone more serious about the sport, the region offers several first class hole courses, such as the Panther Highlands in Dryden, which was once a stop on the National Disc Golf Championship Tour, and the stunning lakeside course at Emerson Park in Auburn.

Lake geneva disc golf

Whistling Straits is the site of three PGA Champtionships and the upcoming Ryder Cup - the first time since a public course in America will host the event. Play The Straits, a rugged course on the coast of Lake Michigan inspired by Irish links courses, or the deceptively tranquil The Irish.

Lake geneva disc golf

Lake geneva disc golf

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  1. Nine-hole courses, like the one at Cornell University , typically take a little over an hour to play, and anyone who can throw a frisbee can easily play a round. These baskets are not bird feeders; they are disc golf holes, and they are part of a rapidly growing network of disc golf courses and leagues in the Finger Lakes.

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