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The measurements were repeated for two different distances in order to evaluate the uncertainty contributions from device alignment and target non-uniformity. Anu Reinart, the Director of Tartu Observatory opening the workshop Next day, the real exercise in the cleanrooms of Tartu Observatory began. Performing measurements at the irradiance setup… For radiance an integrating sphere was used as a source.


Using an in vitro reconstructed human skin model that mimics epidermal morphogenesis, we found that LCE3 proteins are expressed at an early time point during epidermal differentiation in the suprabasal layers, while LCE2 proteins are found only in the uppermost granular layer and stratum corneum. All participants registered the radiance data during the cast periods with synchronized start and stop.



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  1. For irradiance source a FEL lamp was used.

  2. The workshop ended with tours to the calibration, testing, and space technology development labs as well as to the largest — 1.

  3. Based on the localization of LCE2 and LCE3 in human epidermis we conclude that members of the LCE protein family are likely to have distinct functions in epidermal biology.

  4. Late cornified envelope LCE proteins:

  5. All instruments and everything else to be taken into the cleanroom environment was carefully cleaned. The second day of the field work brought a bit sun, clearer sky and warmer weather.

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