Legend of devils tower


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Legend of devils tower

As he slipped he left great grooves in the rock face from his claws that can be seen today. When the people came to look, they found the bears' claws, turned to stone, all around the base. The bottom shows the nine reservations in South Dakota where many Lakota people live today.

Legend of devils tower

Legend of devils tower

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  1. The girls, in an attempt to escape, climbed to the top of Devils Tower, and then fell to their knees and prayed to the Great Spirit to save them as the bears began to scale the rocks behind them. The bear came to rest east of the Black Hills at what is now Bear Butte.

  2. However, several climbers along with the Mountain States Legal Foundation sued the Park Service, claiming an inappropriate government entanglement with religion.

  3. They believed it was put there by the Great Spirit for a special reason, because it was different from the other rocks, rising high up in the air, instead of being on the ground. Scott Momaday is an acclaimed Kiowa author.

  4. Although popular culture would label them myths or legends, a more appropriate term would be oral histories, or in many cases sacred narratives.

  5. The two girls are still on top of the rock.

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