Lesbian bars in new orleans


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The only true lesbian bar in town, which actually sits outside the city limits in Metairie which does have open container laws. What can I say? The city has more gay bars than any one person could list.

Lesbian bars in new orleans

The city is incredibly diverse; the culture of the city grows out of African and Caribbean, French creole, German, and Spanish influences. Carnival season starts on Epiphany, January 6th the first day of king cake!

Lesbian bars in new orleans

Lesbian bars in new orleans

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  1. Check out the plethora of venues on lower Frenchman Street and One-Eyed Jacks any time of year for some of the best live music in town.

  2. Rolling on the River:

  3. Points if you can name the musical reference! Bathrooms can an issue in NOLA.

  4. How can I explain how insanely queer this city is?

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