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Todd Haynes' Carol featured delightfully melodramatic and nostalgic rich lesbian sex scenes, but the scenes were brief in duration, and what they had in quality they lost in quantity. Sadly, that community is relatively small. The scene clocks in at about eight minutes and never once gets banal — it even throws in a complimentary spit swap.

Lesbian hut

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Lesbian hut

Lesbian hut

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  1. Don't talk to me about Blue is the Warmest Color, a movie made famous for its extended, impractical sex scenes and allegations of harassment by its director, Abdellatif Kechiche.

  2. There are a few others that make the cut. So kudos to Disobedience for really taking the time to mediate on how queer women have sex.

  3. Here's what Weisz told queer women's media publication Autostraddle about the film:

  4. Disobedience has come a long way from its queer cinematic origins, and we still have so far to go. Still, the chances of people watching this movie who aren't Xennial queers, Gen-X lesbians, or currently taking a feminist film theory class are, approximately, zero.

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