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Torres has acquired minutes, flyers, newsletters, and financial papers of both organizations and reviews media reports on the two organizations in the Chicago gay press. The inaugural fall issue announces:

Lesbian latina women

Unfortunately, LLENA was not successful at mediating all the differences within the group and at dealing with internal group dynamics but if offered an inspiring early example of Latina lesbian organizing. Amigas has been successful at sustaining its organization through a strategy of offering a wide range of programs for the diverse constituents of the Chicago Latina queer community while it has also worked to bridge national and international issues through its work around immigrant rights.

Lesbian latina women

Lesbian latina women

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  1. She is currently working on a study of Latina lesbian organizing in Chicago, as well as a study of Spanish use across generations in Mexican and Puerto Rican communities in Chicago.

  2. Llena in Spanish means complete or full.

  3. Emily has professional experience in social work, teaching, and youth-programming management.

  4. And certainly the timing of its emergence with so many other groups in Chicago has been key to its sustainability, but several other factors can perhaps help explain Amigas continued success:

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