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I guess I get hit on much more now as much as a straight chick would is because I'm comfortable in my skin, with my fitting clothes that show my curves, my longer hair, my make-up and I'm always laughing, I'm a nice girl who is comfortable with who she is. The same concept applies to how you'll come across when approaching women. And for the record:

Lesbian pua

I figured he was just trying to be nice until he started forcing me closer in the picture, trying to put his lips on mine. Hopefully I can socialize with nice men and not with crazy creepers.

Lesbian pua

Lesbian pua

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  1. It took me a minute to figure out after a bit of small talk that they were trying to solicit me for prostitution.

  2. I even got a girl online to fall in love with me by accident, and I still can't help you. Hopefully I can socialize with nice men and not with crazy creepers.

  3. That is their agenda.

  4. In the seduction community thanks to Cupid for finally getting me into it , I have found many guys to be kind, harmless, and who treat me like a person.

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