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Which brings us back to back-formations. Generally, there are three highly technical reasons why a back-formation fails to thrive in common use: One of the reasons it annoys people is because conversate is a back-formation, a type of word made by removing a portion of an existing word such as the suffix.

Lets conversate

Some of these truncations have bloomed and flourished with little objection -- "sculpt" from "sculpture" , "donate" from "donation" , "beg" from "beggar" , "peddle" from "peddler," and "resurrect" from "resurrection". There were so many -ate verbs springing up in English that could all be suffixed with -ion, that this -ation string was reanalyzed in English as a separate suffix in addition to -ate and -ion that could be attached to verbs that did not end in -ate. As a retail executive wrote about giving in to customers, "Around here the talk periodically focuses on what we can concess.

Lets conversate

Lets conversate

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For some back-formations can even become premeditated, conversate is decidedly nonstandard. Yet conversate is lets conversate a consequence of rap darkness, and the earliest examples of its use seem star, not side.

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  1. But others remain blighted, clunky stumps: Generally, there are three highly technical reasons why a back-formation fails to thrive in common use:

  2. Given that the written use of a word is generally found some amount of time after it has already been in spoken use, we can be fairly safe in assuming that conversate has had some currency in English for over two centuries now.

  3. Incidentally, this is how many other types of standard words have come into existence:

  4. But very occasionally, the -ate form can become standard, as orientate arguably has in UK English. The word is "concede.

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