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But the deity did not drink his glass of wine. Shanghai Ancient Books Publishing House. Only in a few cases in Chinese history was a man not actually a member of royal family given the title king others are Kong Qiu , Guan Yu , and Yue Fei.


He then offered his own two daughters as brides to the deity. But that was only half of the problem. This project was completed years prior to the work of Frontinus in Rome.



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  1. One of his lieutenants ran up to the bull that Li Bing had pointed out was the deity and killed the bull.

  2. No other wonder of the ancient world continues to function as it was designed.

  3. Journal of Composites for Construction, 20 1 , Li Bing faced a number of daunting tasks.

  4. Sage, He conducted an extensive hydraulic survey of the Min River in order to stabilize the waters from flooding settlements and plot out an extension into Chengdu.

  5. Deeply offended, Li Bing runs off sword drawn.

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