Libra and capricorn horoscope


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They can build a steady foundation thanks to their ability to communicate and really understand one another. Makes sense, as ultimately everyone is of course unique.

Libra and capricorn horoscope

The emotional nature of Capricorn makes them distant for many, but completely untouchable for Libra as soon as they start dismissing their feelings. One more thing that could stand in the way of a successful relationship between Capricorn and Libra is the likelihood of secrets.

Libra and capricorn horoscope

Libra and capricorn horoscope

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  1. You're more light hearted and fun, while your Capricorn leans towards being serious much of the time. You both like socializing though you're far more outgoing and charismatic by nature.

  2. Theirs is a challenging relationship, but they can learn from each other if they maintain the effort. When these two Signs work together on a project or a problem, it works best if they have pre-set roles to fulfill, as they both like to take charge.

  3. Do the stars approve your love relationship?

  4. Depending on your roles in the relationship this can be a solid match, or, it can be fairly awkward one.

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