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My mum, Kathleen would often tell me that when the war ends we will be able to buy ham and eggs. In earlier times this area was the centre of activity in the village where the square was used for markets, proclamations and general celebrations on public holidays. We had our back door blown open by a bomb one night and I still have the image of my father, Arthur Alcock, puttying a new but non-matching pane of glass into one of the two panels.

Littleover derbyshire

Littleover was a chapelry of Mickleover until its independence in Residential properties in Littleover are generally attractive, well-maintained and spacious properties which are highly desired within the Derby area.

Littleover derbyshire

Littleover derbyshire

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  1. It is derived from 'Little Ufre' Domesday book and in Old English "Ofer" which meant a slope or little hill, whilst neighbouring Mickleover , is known to be from 'Mickle Ufre' meaning large hill.

  2. The village, as it is known, is the shopping area on the Derby to Burton road, approximately two miles south west of Derby. The stables still survive.

  3. Her late belovered Grandma was born there.

  4. Today a housing development stands where the hotel used to be.

  5. Despite the attraction of the Burton Road-Babington Lane route, it is possible that the course of the original Rykneld Way did not deviate but continued in a straight line through the rear of what was the Crest Motel.

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