Liver hooks for catfish


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But if you are not careful, casting this bait much farther than your hook travels is common. It is a soft mesh type material that isn't woven as tightly as pantie hose and you can actually remove it from the hook without much difficulty, especially after it has been out in the water a while.

Liver hooks for catfish

Unlike other species, catfish typically do not care how night crawlers are strung on the hook. Generally speaking, shad should be cut into chunks or strips, with the size of the pieces and the type of cut determined by the size of cats being targeted and the size of the shad. I tried the egg loop knot, curing the livers into leathery medallions, and various other tricks.

Liver hooks for catfish

Liver hooks for catfish

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  1. In reservoirs they typically are along bends in the old creek or river channel or near channel confluences.

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