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In the medium of film, her character is inevitably fleshed out somewhat from the cipher that she remains in the novel. Christine Lee Gengaro proposes that this suggests that Humbert is a monster in a mask, [39] and the same theory is developed at greater length by Jason Lee. Quilty's role in the story is made fully explicit from the beginning of the film, rather than being a concealed surprise twist near the end of the tale.

Lolitta express

Mona is a friend of Lolita's in Beardsley the second half of the story in the novel. The same scene in the novel ends with Lolita sobbing, despite Humbert having plied her with gifts all day.

Lolitta express

Lolitta express

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  1. He has been described as "an emanation of Humbert's guilty conscience", [32] and Humbert describes Quilty in the novel as his "shadow".

  2. Scheuer of the Los Angeles Times declared that the film "manages to hit peaks of comedy shrilly dissonant but on an adult level, that are rare indeed, and at the same time to underline the tragedy in human communication, human communion, between people who've got their signals hopelessly crossed.

  3. The movie retains the novel's theme of Quilty anonymously goading Humbert's conscience on many occasions, though the details of how this theme is played out are quite different in the film.

  4. Jenkins notes that Humbert even seems a bit more dignified and restrained than other residents of Ramsdale, particularly Lolita's aggressive mother, in a way that invites the audience to sympathize with Humbert.

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