Lost erection during sex


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Urinalysis or blood tests to check for health conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, or low testosterone A device you wear at night to check for normal nighttime erections Ultrasound of your penis to check for blood flow problems Rigidity monitoring to test how strong your erection is Psychological tests to check for depression and other emotional problems Treatment The treatment may depend on what is causing the problem and how healthy you are. But the best approach at this point is to immediately stop trying to maintain an erection and focus on the giving and receiving of pleasure without intercourse. What is erectile dysfunction?

Lost erection during sex

This comes in skin patches, gel, or injections into the muscle. I have started going out with a guy I really like.

Lost erection during sex

Lost erection during sex

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  1. The worst thing you can do is become wound up. Good men are hard to find and being able to keep it up all night does not make a man a wonderful lover, or a loving partner.

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