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Rhyming Love Poems - Beautiful Expressions of Love and Affection I Am Lucky Life is often, busy at times How lucky I am, to know you're mine By my side, and in my heart My feelings for you, are off the chart What I feel for you, it gets me through The highs, the lows, the challenges too I'm lucky, I know, you're in my life Loving times, good times, even through strife Every day, I strive, for the good of us Busy, working, and sometimes stressed All of that is minor, thanks you to I greatly appreciate all that you do You are my inspiration, the reason why During the lowest of lows, I still experience highs It's you, my Sweet Baby, every little bit With you by my side, I'll never quit Loving you means, I'm luckiest by far You're my heart, that's what you are Yes, I am lucky, and I never doubt It's because I have you, and love that is stout I'm lucky, I'm lucky, I'll say it again That's what I'm feeling and I let you in Do you feel me, Baby? Interesting Posts You may Like:

Love rhyme poems for her

To see the answers and find out how to become a Christian, Short love poems often describe the change that true love brings. By Joanna Fuchs Short love poems can deliver big romantic messages: This short love message, a rhyming poem, does that.

Love rhyme poems for her

Love rhyme poems for her

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