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A generally passive sign, Libra only truly gets going when she senses injustice, and her loyal Cancer man will be right beside her to support her. The Libra man fulfills these needs, and his own neediness is not at all bothersome to the Cancer woman. The Libra woman has a more carefree attitude and a casual approach towards life which will affect the relationship.

Male cancer female libra

As supervisors, they won't tolerate slackers, even if it means a confrontation, and they happily assist anyone who works hard but could use a helping hand. Both partners are affectionate and demonstrative, and it will be clear to everyone that they think the world of each other. Libra men are truly hopeless romantics who love to wine and dine, while Cancer women are happy anywhere with their partners at their side.

Male cancer female libra

Male cancer female libra

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  1. Libra men thrive off of harmony and peace and naturally flee from discord and confrontations. With neither side being gung-ho about taking charge, sex lives may be uneventful.

  2. In some cases they should be advised to make a change if they are not satisfied, and search for someone who could make them happier.

  3. The Water element in the male Cancer makes him an adaptable person. Her friendships are frequently built from an emotional component such as from her being a shoulder to cry on or being supportive in a testing time.

  4. Both signs can't bear the weight of insults, heavy criticism, and hurtful words.

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