Manipulative signs


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Travis Bradberry We all know what it feels like to be emotionally manipulated. Once they find out what you need they provide you with it to get you addicted or dependent on them.

Manipulative signs

Retrieved February 07, , from https: It is a powerful tactic to create a continued sense of personal inadequacy in the victim, thus allowing the manipulator to maintain a position of dominance.

Manipulative signs

Manipulative signs

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  1. Walk away, run away, or jog slowly in the opposite direction. Simon points out that manipulators "use distraction and diversion techniques to keep the focus off of their behavior, move us off-track, and keep themselves free to promote their self-serving hidden agendas.

  2. No matter what problems you may have, emotional manipulators have it worse. They can pretend to be a victim; they can cry a river whenever they want; they can fake love; they can fake joy or any other emotion.

  3. So carefully observe the actions of those who claim to love you, or who try to gain your sympathy by shedding tears.

  4. You do not need toxic people in your life and should remove these toxic people.

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