Marrying a rich girl


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So it can go both ways. So marrying someone who you appreciate as they are is a really big part of it.

Marrying a rich girl

Understanding Cross-Class Marriages , released earlier this month by Oxford University Press, Streib drew on extensive interviews with 42 married heterosexual couples, 32 of whom were born into different social classes, to learn more about how class mores affect marriages — and vice versa. My hobby was genealogy. When we left we all agreed that the evening had been a huge success.

Marrying a rich girl

Marrying a rich girl

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  1. There was always this threat that somebody would come over and their true origins would be exposed. From an evolutionary perspective, marrying rich is a no-brainer.

  2. Yeah, I think so.

  3. Her grandma is loaded.

  4. Your house, food, cars, clothes and leisurely activity will all be of the finest quality.

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