Maslin beach photos


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Once in the water, the elation is indescribable. But it was a learning experience.

Maslin beach photos

Pack the Essentials My beach savvy mate had it sorted. Even then I lay on my towel like a shy lizard — tits toward the sand and bum on show but not much else. Ever get your kit off at Maslins?

Maslin beach photos

Maslin beach photos

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  1. As a first timer, the idea was petrifying.

  2. They walk, swim, sunbake, and stand around in circles chatting — all starkers. Alternatively, approach the beach from above the cliffs at the south end of the beach.

  3. Watching your partner frolic naked in the ocean has the potential to unleash certain ahem urges, but save the love juice for home, people.

  4. In the name of body confidence, I decided to try it out. Let us know in the comments, below.

  5. I chose a trusted pal to come along as a wind block, protector, and helping hand when the fear got too much. Keep your eyes to yourself.

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